Saturday, August 22, 2015

Conophytum fulleri waking up (8 pics)

Today I had the pleasure of witnessing this wonderful conophytum flower! ♥

How did it come to this? I've been trying to wake the conophytums. Some of them are already far along like the one from the previous post, others are still not changing visibly. I keep documenting it though :)

Here is the Conophytum fulleri changing or rather changing while still hiding.
I started watering on August 1st when it looked like this.

On Aug 13 I started seeing some green coming through.

On Aug 16 both plants already started to get chapped. Such a fresh green beneath!

And then, only one day later.... the flower started growing.

From there it escalated quickly. Aug 18

Aug 19

Aug 22. Beautiful ♥


  1. Replies
    1. So far, I never had the need to... Should I?

  2. I remove the old skins. I think the plants look better if the heads do not have several layers of old skin around them. Others have said leaving the old skins on encourages rot and pests. Unless removed carefully it is easy to remove heads.

    1. I normally remove old leaves on lithops exactly for the same reason. With conos I'm a bit afraid the heads might break off, as you said. I think I'll wait until the new leaves will come out a little more and then remove the old ones :)