Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spheroid flowers (4 pics)

I was working overtime a lot lately thus missing all the flowers that were coming up. Not yesterday though!

The L. fulviceps flower opened pretty late and it was getting dark already. The photos have turned out kinda eerie but I liked them anyway. The petals are high-fiving the nearby D. sphalmantoides :)

There should have been another flower coming from the other head but it never developed. This happens a lot. The plants need to rationalize, I guess.

The C. ectypum is still not out of the sheets but is flowering a little. Cute flower of the color I rarely see on my windowsill.

This one,  C. angelicae, has a rare flower color too but flowers at night, it seems. I'll try to catch it tonight. I've removed the sheets myself from this one and badly damaged all the leaves (I was so careful!). People don't ever do that, it's a bad idea. Just let them do whatever they want and whenever they want it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Delosperma bonsai 2/2 (6 pics)

So, here's the other one :)
I think I find the shape of this Delosperma even more interesting. It grows small leaf-batches of a darker color and often develops curious 3-leaf-sets. At the moment I could count 9 sets of those. The pot is 5cm, for scale.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Delosperma bonsai 1/2 (5 pics)

I have two Delosperma plants I grew from seed back in 2012 and am now trying to form into bonsais. Surprisingly it works really well. I was expecting them to grow uncontrollably but they keep their shape since a year when potted in a small 5x5x8,5cm pot each. 
Actually I've wanted to post photos of them for a while now but it has turned out to be quite difficult to capture them due to their three-dimensionality. I could never focus my camera properly.  Below are my best attempts at a photo session with one of the plants. It looks much cooler in real life :D

As you can see it grows many short-leafed branches along the stems while not increasing in size all in all. But it gets thirsty a lot. It never flowers though. 

I have another plant to be featured in the next post and since it's fun to watch them grow here is a compilation.

2 months old
3 months old + one more
6 months old
10 months old (root view)
1 year
August 2014 (before and after the haircut)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Conophytum pellucidum flowers (2 pics)

I've got to get more C. pellucidum plants. The flowers are stunning! See-through leaves and huge white flowers ♥

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Frithia pulchra leaf close-up (2 pics)

Just wanted to show you this because it's so pretty :)

(Click for XXL)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Recent flowering delights (4 pics)

I'm not even mentioning the Delosperma harazianum here which has been a constant delight. It is just flowering non-stop all year around! Any takers for seeds?

In fact, I have other beauties here that have to be encouraged with attention.

This Anacampseros vanthielii has very big flowers compared to A. filamentosa, they are as big as any Av. quinaria, I'd say. However the plant only grows them one or two at a time and you are lucky not to miss one when it opens. As with all Anacampseros and Avonia it opens only once for a couple of hours. Any takers for seeds?

Besides Neohenricia, Stomatium alboroseum has grown one nightly flower. I'd like to cross-pollinate the two species but the recent Neohenricia flowers are at a slightly different developmental stage. If they open before the Stomatium one closes I'll surely try.

Another plant that is filling me with joy is this Adromischus and even though the open flowers are not much of a sight the whole flower stalk is truly impressive! From the flowers you indeed can say it is a crassulaceae. 

I'm also very excited to see these Conophytum pellucidum flowers open. I've had this plant for over a year and the flowers mean that I could guide it through its yearly cycle well :) It's really encouraging. Conophytums are tricky.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Conophytum fulleri waking up (8 pics)

Today I had the pleasure of witnessing this wonderful conophytum flower! ♥

How did it come to this? I've been trying to wake the conophytums. Some of them are already far along like the one from the previous post, others are still not changing visibly. I keep documenting it though :)

Here is the Conophytum fulleri changing or rather changing while still hiding.
I started watering on August 1st when it looked like this.

On Aug 13 I started seeing some green coming through.

On Aug 16 both plants already started to get chapped. Such a fresh green beneath!

And then, only one day later.... the flower started growing.

From there it escalated quickly. Aug 18

Aug 19

Aug 22. Beautiful ♥