Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A. schooneesii growing (3 pics)

Here is another perfect seedling, ten months old. The others are doing well, too. Unlike the one tiny seedling you can see in the left corner of the photo below (same age btw) the others are only slightly smaller than this kid. Hope the root is getting fatter as well. Love the darker color! ☆

Can you spot the side branch? ;)

My adult plant is growing new leaves, too. It is slightly elevated to give the leaf-ball more room to spread. I guess the leaves would have spread more horizontally if the caudex was buried from the start but I've received it already as a ball last year and I kinda like it :D

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Titanopsis seedlings today (4 pics)

My Titanopsis calcarea seedlings are almost one year old (sown 1st of May 2013) and look at this beauty! Perfect shape, perfect color, perfect warts - love it! ♡ 

But not every seedling had a chance to grow just as perfectly as the one above. Two of them had some difficulties during the winter and messed up the growing point, the spot where the new growth starts in the middle of the rosette. All the plants give up on some growing-points now and then and just use another (like a side branch) to continue. It is just a bit tricky if it only has one. I'm not sure what exactly goes wrong in these cases. The seedling below had a pair of really strange crippled leaves that didn't want to grow and then grew into weird shapes (trauma at a very early stage like an insect bite?). Luckily the seedling is healthy and strong and didn't want to wait until that growing point sorts itself out. It just grew a side branch and the new grows is healthy and well-shaped. By now I already can see new healthy leaves coming out of the messed up rosette as well.

The seedling below has just completely dried off the main growing point and focused on the side branch. A less strong plant would just give up all together as we probably all have sadly experienced. With these seedlings I'm pretty confident that they will be fine.

Just like their parent :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Adromischus leaf cutting

I've been doing some transplanting and rearranging today and was surprised this Adromischus I've been leaf-propagating has grown really nice fat roots. It is much slower with actual leaves :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cheiridopsis denticulata

I bought these Cheiridopsis denticulata (labeled candidissima) in June 2013 and was really worried how they will like my conditions. After all, they are my first Cheiridopsis and winter-growing mesembs are generally a bit tricky on a windowsill. Now I've had them for almost a year and they seem to have completed their yearly life cycle successfully. What a relief! Over the last months, starting as early as November, they've grown new leaves that are simply magnificent. The old ones are wrinkled but I'm allowing them to stay because accordning to my inside sources (Thank you Bob! ;) ) it is okay for them to have several pairs of leaves at a time. In fact one of the plants is pushing another pair (or dare I hope a flower?). 
All in all I'm very pleased they are happy with what I can give them in terms of sunlight and substrate and watering schedule. I will reduce waterings during the summer and reprise what I've been doing for the past year.

Not everything is this shiny with Cheiridopsis. Ch. peculiaris didn't make it as well as one of the 5 Ch. denticulata I initially had. Never started any new growth and just withered with time. Acclimation is hard.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

L. aucampiae seedlings root-check (2 pics)

I've been trying to free up the round pots I use for sowing by transplanting the bigger seedlings into square pots I use for adult plants. It doesn't really make more room for them but the depth is changing from 5cm to 8,5cm which they like very much. And of course I can now use the free round pot to sow some more mesemb seeds. :)
I like how flat and pancake-like the seedlings are. This is my favorite lithops shape. I just hope these particular seedlings are not too flat (is it possible for a lithops to be too flat?).

Rhinephyllum seedlings update

Sorry for posting about all the same seedlings again but I need to share my amazement. Only one week of intense sunlight and suddenly three side-branches are sprouting on one tiny seedling! After a long peroid of not doing anything it is really surprising to see these seedlings grow so quickly.