Saturday, August 23, 2014

Conophytum (6 pics)

I think I've mentioned that I bought several beautifully grown Conophytum specimen at the C&S market in Essen recently but haven't shown them yet. Now one of the plants is flowering and this is a good reason for an introduction.

I have almost no own experience growing Conophytums but I've read a lot about them and I'm going to do my best to keep these as healthy and beautiful as they are now. They are used to a greenhouse but I'll do what I can. The previous owner warned me to water extremely rarely and just a little at a time. Please note that the pots are 5x5cm and the heads are very very small!

Conophytum pellucidum v. pellucidum 'pardicolor' ex. de Boer

Conophytum ricardianum SB1116

Conophytum uviforme ssp. decoratum

Conophytum uviforme ssp. uviforme SB952

Conophytum bilobum 'christiansenium' (2 plants). These look like Cheiridopsis to me :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fulvifruits and fulvibuds (4 pics)

Looks like this year is the year for Lithops fulviceps to shine on my windowsill. I was lucky to have two C363 flowering at the same time so that I could pollinate properly and here is the result.

Another L. fulviceps v. lactinea is going to flower. Unfortunately too late to pollinate with the first one but welcome nonetheless.

L. fulviceps seem to always be early here. The younger plants are already regenerating. Last year and the year before I was worried. What would they do in winter if they finish regeneration so early? But they seem to know themselves better than I do. Even if they start now they do it so slowly that by the time they finish it will be spring XD

Moody Fenestraria seedlings

These Fenestratia rhopalophylla ssp. aurantiaca 'Fireworth' seedlings are now 4 months old and getting touchy. Like teenagers they seem to hate everything I do and grow best when I just leave them alone. I can't quite figure them out. Being winter-growers Fenestrarias rest in summer. My understanding was that such young seedlings wouldn't have the resting period yet but they really really hate being watered these days. It's like 3 drops are barely okay but when it's 4 - they get suicidal. Watering results in immediate leaf loss. But they are so small and they need water, don't they? It's hot and sunny after all. Apparently what I think is best for them is the opposite of what they think. I guess I'll keep giving them those 3 drops of water whenever they get soft and hope they won't freak out.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Attempts to grow Muiria hortenseae from seed

I wanted to share this rare sight with you because, well, the seedling could die any day. My attempts to grow Muiria hortenseae from seed so far were all more or less "is it dead yet?" I was sowing them 5 seeds at a time three times this year and the seedling below is the most I can show for it. The next sowing is scheduled for this fall and when I run out of seeds I will buy more and try again. I'm still far from giving up.
Anyway, this is how it went: The seeds germinate just fine (3 out of 5 mostly) and then they keep the cotyledons for months. I don't know whether this is how it is suppossed to be or the result of my conditions. Lithops seedings can keep their cotyledons for a long time too but depending on the species they are stronger, more resistent. In case of Muiria they are weeker and unfortunatelly wither before any true leaves can develop. The seedling below was sown in February (!) and is the only one that could develop first true leaves. This is the most success I've had with Muiria so far! The leaves have come out through its side and the cotyledons never dried off. Now it's lying on the side, using both leaf pairs, which is a clever thing to do because it makes it more succulent. For such a slow grower it seems to be important. It looks healthy and strong but it really is tiny and shows no signs of new growth. The root system is also quite fragile (yes, I had the courage to check). Now I just give it water from time to time and wait.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Adenium (7 pics)

Check out these butts! :D

I have sown these Adeniums in 2008 or 2009, sometime before I went to study in Japan, and never picked them up from my parents after that (no room and all). My mother has been taking very good care of them and the caudex part of the plants looks great! The green part however doesn't really want to grow properly so I took them back now to see if I can help with that. My parents don't really find them pretty so maybe they will once they see how they can bloom ;)

The substrate I used now is a mix of cacti soil and pumice, the containers are deep to give them more "leg" room. If I remember correctly the one with narrow leaves is an A. somalense. The one without leaves will need some trimming but I read it is better done before spring (?). The largest is 13 cm in diameter. Any advise on how to get them to grow the upper part? 

Delosperma cooperi seedlings today (3 pics)

Do you remember these little kids of mine? They started off as tiny bunnies in June 2012, went throught a beautifully compact phase and then just exploded. Since they got so big I only could grow them at the side of the windowsill where they weren't getting enough light. That's why I brought them to my parents where they might have received too much of it. Anyway, they didn't like it there either so I now brought two of them back home (the rest was too crispy already). I hope to grow them better now.

Anyway, I've removed all the dead branches and gave them separate containers and I think they actually look cute like this. Like tiny bonsais of sorts. Maybe I could maintain the look somehow. I'd like them to have more leaves and be more bushy but not too much and only with the short kind of leaves they have now. It might be difficult to keep them compact. We'll see how it goes. Maybe with time I can shape them into something beautiful and hopefully flowering.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Delosperma harazianum flower

So pretty!!
Got this plant as a present recently so the flower is not my achievement.
Seeds are also available (check here for more info).

This is my 500th blog post by the way :)