Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ebracteola wilmaniae flowering

After several failed attempts last year my Ebracteola wilmaniae has finally opened a flower. On the first try, too! It's getting hot and sunny on the windowsill and this early summer will continue for a while. I hope no plants will burn but rather enjoy the sunlight.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fenestraria seedlings

I have never expected these Fenestraria seedlings to survive this long but they did. Since they first hatched one year ago I was basically waiting for them to die. They might not look good or have a good shape or color but they are still alive and growing. Every new set of leaves I see I'm like "Wow, no way, you're still trying? Good job! Have a drop of water!" I'm watering them very little as I've lost adult plants to rot every time within days. 

Apropos survivors, I've had a pot with Monilaria seedling I believed dead but it turns out one of them was just sleeping and is now turning green. I'm not giving up on the idea of growing Monilaria yet.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Delosperma sphalmantoides flowers

My marshmallow plant has blossomed and there are even more flowers to come. I consider this a good sign for the conditions at my new place :)

PS: Just to let you know that I'm out of seeds to send to you by now... There should be more with the next harvest.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Aucampiae kids not in a hurry to grow up

These L. aucampiae seedlings are now 2,5 years old but are still refusing to grow a long fissure. That's almost a pseudotruncatella-like behavior. At this rate it'll take years for me to see their flowers. I'll have to enjoy the pretty leaves until then :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

L. bromfieldii v. glaudinae 'Rubroroseus' (2 pics)

These are 2,5 years old as well and eventhough quite small they are very adult-like looking. They have finished the leaf change and after I watered them they've doubled in size within a week. That's the spirit!

The color fades throughout the year but at the moment they are nicely red and with time, when they start to flower, a red selection would be possible. Yet again I have to note how grateful Lithops bromfieldii are.

Upcoming flowers (3 pics)

The growing season barely started but there are already a couple of pleasant surprises lining up.

Prepodesma orpenii is quite oportunistic in its will to flower and this particular plant is flowering under my conditions all year around except for winter. Now with the touch of spring a new flower bud is coming up. Thank you plantie.

Even though Delosperma sphalmantoides looks a bit sad after the winter - lots of leaves have dried off and the color is not the best - I can see 3 flowers on their way! The looks will improve during the growing season I'm sure.

I can also see a flower bud on my Ebracteola wilmaniae but it had three of them last year that have never developed. So now I'm actively ignoring them. Sometimes this tactic works.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More lithops changing leaves (6 pics)

I know I've just posted a pic of this one but it really deserves a regular feature. It started so poorly and has gone through some weird changes but is now a perfect little Cerberus. Love it!

More of the L. lesliei ssp. burchellii (C308) seedlings are rapidly regenerating. This is my large windowed selection. They are so flat they are almost going underground in winter.

And another L. lesliei v. venteri (C1), just because of its perfect regeneration style. Showing it as an example to all other lithops out there! :D

L. hallii v. ochracea (C111) are taking it slow. One has lost a head this winter. It has just dried inside the old leaves for some reason. It happens. You cut the dead head off and the remaining one will grow normally.

In fact, I performed this operation on the L. dorotheae de Boer two years ago (the one in the back) and it is doing just fine.

L. hookeri still have a lot of meat to go through.