Friday, March 6, 2015


Lithops lesliei look like they are not particularly happy the spring is coming. They seem to squint in the first warm sunlight and hide back in their cozy pumice beds. "Don't wake us just yet!"

Sunday, March 1, 2015

New growing season!

My dear readers, I'm sorry I have neglected the blog this winter. It's been busy and chaotic during and after the move to my new place but things are getting better, I'm settling in and finally have more time to look around instead of running all the time. I've been using my weekends for shopping (so many things are needed when you move!), assembling new furniture (all by myself and very proud of it) and simply getting used to the new environment (much like my planties). During the weekdays I couldn't take any pictures - I leave home in the dark and come back from work in the dark.
Anyway, this is how the new lithops-growing-place looks like. I'm going to put a panel from one side of the "inner balcony" to the other and shield it from the living room with curtains creating a winter garden of sorts. There will be much more room there for all the new sowings I've been planning for so long. I want to use the actual balcony for summer plant growing as well (much more light there!) but have to figure out how exactly.

I've lost some plants but much less than expected and about as many as I lose every winter. But we're not out of the woods just yet. The first year in the new environment is critical so this year I'm going to find out which plants can grow well here, which need a special care and which won't grow at all. I think this apartment will offer less sunlight but so far I can not see any plant growth assosiated with bad light conditions (fingers crossed it stays this way). And there is a first flower of 2015 - Delosparma harazianum decided to open a flower that's been in the pre-flowering state since months. Does it even have a fixed flowering season? To see it is very welcome and encouraging.

Lithops are doing their thing and regenerating more or less gracefully. L. fulviceps are doing it so nicely again they deserve a portrait. It definitely pays off for them to sometimes start the regeneration in summer already - they finish perfectly in time. And all the fresh two-headed-ness!

Perfect leaf changing performance from L. gesinae v. annae.

Smaller seedlings seem to be doing more or less okay. L. lesliei 'Fred's Redhead' are, I think, in fact doing much better this winter and I hope for a good growing season for them. Others are still in early stages while older seedling are all done by now and just slumber waterless untill it's warmer. Check out the cute smiling L. steineckeana!

I'm not watering any of the lithops yet but some of other succulents depending on their needs (judged solely visually). Avonias were getting a little water all the time (click for XXL pic).

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Moving to a new apartment!

Dear readers,

I have neither been updating the blog for a while nor replying to your emails but I'm here and I'm well and I'm going to do both soon. It has been stressful at work and I have horribly neglected the plants due to that. I'm sad to report that some will surely not survive this winter (probably because of bugs, I don't even have time to check) but it can only get better from now on. In fact, it will get much better pretty soon since I finally found and rented an apartment that is big and sunny and perfect in any sense I can think of! It will also provide plenty of room for plants so that I can take care of them right after the move. That is also when I'm going to report on all the changes. I'll try to keep you posted on twitter if you don't mind :)

Now I have to run and look for moving boxes!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Recent flowers (8 pics)

I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while. It's been busy and stressful lately, I barely could look at my plants at all and I hope I can get to answering the emails soon... My life is mostly work and sleep and work. No time for a clear thought. 
I was trying to take pictures of the flowers in the evenings though. This is what has been flowering since my last post.

Lithops dorotheae C300 has skipped a year but developed a beautiful flower again this time.

Delosperma harazianum has opened another flower and is growing two more at the moment. Utterly cute!

Crassula ausensis ssp. titanopsisis having a second wave of flowering (smells like cheese)...

... while Neohenricia sibbetii has grown its last flower for this season. It has been at it since May! It loves the company of an Adromischus by the way. I like to think that the pairing is mutually beneficial.

Once of the Stomatium alboroseum seedlings (even though it's not a seedling anymore) has grown a second flower this season which is pretty neat.

Two of the Conophytums are blooming, too.

As well as one of the Tanquana hilmarii plants.

All in all my plants are getting on with their lives perfectly without me...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

More flowers (2 pics)

The flowering continues! There are several 'Sulphurea' flowers opened at the same time this year so I'm going to pollinate. The little Prepodesma orpenii has decided to flower again, too. Compared to the A. malherbei from the previous post it always seems to find the strength for it.

Aloinopsis malherbei fails to flower (3 pics)

Do you have any advise or explanation? I can't figure out what these guys are missing. They've been starting flowers, then drying them off and replacing them with leaves... And then start all over again. It's been going on for so long with both seedlings and my adult plant that I've come to see it as normal. Still, I'd really like to actually see the flowers develop and open someday. I water them well (no fertilizer since months though).

Adenium's fresh green

On August 20th I've posted this photo of this plant.  I've decided not to prune just yet and wait for the spring. I think it was a good decision because this is how it reacted to the recent repotting :)

Two of the other Adeniums from this post are growing new leaves as well.