Sunday, August 23, 2015

Recent flowering delights (4 pics)

I'm not even mentioning the Delosperma harazianum here which has been a constant delight. It is just flowering non-stop all year around! Any takers for seeds?

In fact, I have other beauties here that have to be encouraged with attention.

This Anacampseros vanthielii has very big flowers compared to A. filamentosa, they are as big as any Av. quinaria, I'd say. However the plant only grows them one or two at a time and you are lucky not to miss one when it opens. As with all Anacampseros and Avonia it opens only once for a couple of hours. Any takers for seeds?

Besides Neohenricia, Stomatium alboroseum has grown one nightly flower. I'd like to cross-pollinate the two species but the recent Neohenricia flowers are at a slightly different developmental stage. If they open before the Stomatium one closes I'll surely try.

Another plant that is filling me with joy is this Adromischus and even though the open flowers are not much of a sight the whole flower stalk is truly impressive! From the flowers you indeed can say it is a crassulaceae. 

I'm also very excited to see these Conophytum pellucidum flowers open. I've had this plant for over a year and the flowers mean that I could guide it through its yearly cycle well :) It's really encouraging. Conophytums are tricky.


  1. Don't know much about Anacampseros vanthelii. It's a relatively new discovery, first described in 2006. The flower sure is pretty. Such a vibrant pink.

    I was always under the impression that Stomatium alboroseum grew in the fall and flowered in the winter. Of course, some mesembs just never read the books and just don't do what they are suppose to do. The flower is nice and white as advertised, but that roseum part of the specific-epithet always puzzles me. However, Steven Hammer said in a talk he gave that the petals turn pink after a few nights, but I've never seen it.

    The Conophytum pellucidum is very Lithops-like. It certainly looks fat and happy. It won't be long and you will be quite the conophytum expert too. You have such a natural ability to judge what your plants require, even when you are unfamiliar with them. But, don't get a big head about your succulent growing skills yet. Remember, Muiria is still waiting to be tamed. ;)

    1. The A. vanthielii is similar to A. filamentosa in its fuzziness-hairiness but it has smoother and pointier leaves and those big solitary flowers. I got a lot of seeds but they don't seem too eager to germinate on their own like A. filamentosa. I'm going to do a proper sowing to have more than one plant. The flowers are worth it :)

      Really, not idea about the Stomatium. I don't see neither "roseum" nor "rubrum" in it XD. Pretty though! The S. trifarium is not even trying to flower while this little guy is doing it so effortlessly, it seems.

      The Conophytum had much prettier pattern last year. I wonder if its new home here is somehow affecting it. But it seems otherwise happy and strong and is perfectly following its yearly cycle so far.

      I gave up Muiria XD It's impossible to get seeds for any more attempts anyway. I feel like it would be possible to grow it if I at least could buy a 1 year old seedling and start from there. But any Muiria plants or seeds are nowhere to find these days.

    2. I saw some Muiria plants in a nursery this year which should be available next year.

    3. You're lucky! I've never seen them live at all...