Sunday, August 16, 2015

Conophytum uviforme ssp. uviforme waking up (3 pics)

I went by the book and started watering my conophytums around August 1st but not all of them have woken up yet (or at least not very visibly). Interestingly while the conos I bought this year are quite slow the ones I've had for more than a year were ready for water and immediately started growing.
Here is one of them.
I'm trying to document the waking up process so there will be more pics soon.

26 July

5 August

16 August


  1. I was talking to Terry Smale this week who advised he believes temperature also influences Conophytums starting into growth particularly colder nights.

    1. Yes, I believe it does. Next year I'll try to orient myself more on the temperature before watering.