Wednesday, February 1, 2012

difficulties with comptonii?

The first sentence on comptonii in Lithops - Treasures of the Veld by S. Hammer reads as follows: "Small plant, usually 1-2 headed or dead." This isn't very encouraging, is it? I've bought two plants recently and am ready for the challenge. One of them is already showing the new head, the other isn't yet. I've read some tips but will probably just watch them closely and act on it.
The dark grey and rose combination looks very lovely even on the old leaves.


  1. How's comptonii looking now? I love the idea of purple Lithops...

  2. one of them unfortunately never regenerated and just dried up. the other is doing fine. not yet completely done with the old leaves, but looking good so far. I like the color, too.. Will need to sow these one day :)