Tuesday, January 31, 2012

green gold

I just couldn't resist taking a picture! The brand-new fulviceps 'Aurea' leaves are breathtaking. The plants are utterly beautiful with those fresh green dots and bright golden lines. :)
Heads-up: I've added a new option of subscribing to this blog via email. Also, there are new links in the "useful websites" list: Flowering Stones (lots of info on lithops and their cultivation in English), Mesa Garden (the seedlist 2012 is up!) and an article on growing lithops by Steven Hammer.


  1. I declare myself in love with your lithops fulviceps 'Aurea'.

    If you ever have seeds of this plant, please remember that I am the first in the list of potential buyers.

  2. Thanks :) I'm in love with them as well. I also have a couple of seedlings from another source, but they are more green than golden..

    Deal! :D I myself would be very excited to see them bloom, hopefully later this year.