Wednesday, December 14, 2011

now there's no room for more

Here is the report on the new purchases. Considering all those many lithops species being sold at Kakteen-Haage my choice wasn't that special. After all you have to stay in your budget and think about how little space you have for new plants. Having to buy at least two plants of one species (known as the collector's curse) is also a restricting factor. I'm really glad I could choose the plants myself though - a privilege you don't have very often having used to ordering online. This way you can go for plants you find most interesting or feel curious about. However, it is a bit difficult this time of the year when the plants are badly wrinkled, the patterns are blurred and the colors faded. You need to imagine the potential ;)
First a couple of  C136 hallii v. hallii "brown". I have a weakness for cocoa-colored hallii and already have a couple of ochracea seedlings which are just starting to show their true colors.
As I mentioned before I just had to get the julii ssp. fulleri v. fulleri 'Kikushōgyoku'. The wrong spelling common in western nurseries is kikushogiyoku and it's 菊章玉 in japanese in case you'd like to google it. The dark color of the wide windows and the patterns are very beautiful. See here and here.
Next are two comptonii. I didn't have any before. They are of a lovely shade of dark blue and violet.
Dorotheae C300 isn't rare per se but I went for a couple of plants with unusually scarce markings.


  1. Beautiful clones ! As you said, the C300 has very interesting characteristics ! Without the name I could think i's a dinteri multipunctata :P

    You'll probably get nice things with them at next spring ;)

  2. Hi Jimmy :)
    thank you! i'm very excited to see them in all their beauty in spring