Tuesday, January 31, 2012

more seedlings

It's freezing outside. But everything the plants notice is a sunny day after such a long time. Maybe it is the light but it really feels like they don't waste any moment of it and start growing right away. :)
Lesliei v. burchelii (June babies) start to regenerate all at once. What I sweet sight!


  1. That's a lot of seedlings! I've asked some people here who tried germinating and growing lithops, but apparently they just germinate and die. Maybe they really love the cold temperatures, even if they look like desert plants.

    1. Andrea, i belive that the key to growing lithops is watching them closly. Doing so you can early see what's wrong and change something, especially with newly hatched seedlings. :) They like a lot of light but it can't be to hot, they'll burn. It can't be too cold either. I don't pay attention to temperature for any of my plants, but i do provide shade in the hottest summer days. Have you tried it with lithops seeds? You should. :) I still have plants from my very first attempt~