Saturday, January 28, 2012

rainbow bromfieldii

My bromfieldii seedlings from 2010 have made it through the regeneration safely and a little bit too soon. Looking at them now it is surprising how much the colors vary at this stage. I'd love to see them grow quicker and they would probably gladly do so if watered. Only during this dark time of the year they'd grow into cucumbers and we don't want that ;)
One-year-old lesliei 'Fred's Redhead' have grown a lot since the last time I uploaded a picture of them. A winter growth spurt isn't that welcome though. To avoid further growing in 'height' they still aren't getting any water. I really need them to go sleep now.


  1. Hello there Rika!
    Those are lovely! :D Oh how I'm awaiting Spring, you cannot imagine :) btw are you on facebook, dear? I'd love to follow your posts there - I'm joseasun in case you'd like to connect with me :)

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

    1. Hello Joanna! :)
      Thank you~ I'm waiting for spring, too. can't wait to see them all grow!
      I'm sorry I'm not on facebook but i'll see what I can do.. like adding an email subscription option? hm :)

    2. I've added a button (to the right-->) "Follow by Email" ;)

  2. The first picture is awesome, it really looks like a rainbow.
    I like your blog a lot.
    Do you sell seeds??

    1. Hello Sonia,
      I'm glad you like my blog, thanks!
      Those plants were getting new leaves all at different times, making them look so different! Their color is much more even now :)
      I do have too many seeds of some species. Drop me a line ajdan19 (at)

    2. after the summer is gone, when I start new seeding, I'll contact you, thanks =)