Thursday, November 10, 2011

weak plants, no flowers

I'm late with a new post again. It's winterly cold and dark outside, we've been having heavy fog since two days. No sunshine can break through it. I feel bad for my plants. As you remember I was fighting mealy-bugs a couple of months ago, leading to the fact that, even though many plants have developed flower buds, most of them didn't have the strength to develop them fully and they've dried out half-finished. Them being weak might be partly my fault, I just forget to fertilize (need to work on this next year). Still, several of those were flowering and some I considered too weak anyway are still pushing flowers! Unfortunately it is a bit to late now that there's no sunshine, but I see it as a good sign for the plants themselves.
This helmutii had 11 heads last year, but after heaving been nibbled on and transplanted two times last year, there were only seven left. The plant looks much better now and develops flower buds very quickly at the moment.


  1. Hi, i have always been following the progress of your "pets", am so amazed with lithops but can't try them because we dont have cold temperatures, which might be needed. I normally read them to be growing in temperate countries. My friend here tried seeds but they died at once after germination.

  2. Thanks Andrea, glad to read it :)

    I'd say you just try growing them and you'll see. ;) but i must warn you, first-try-plants survive rarely so if you really want to grow lithops you'll need more than one plant to start with.
    I know the problem with seedlings dying after germination. it can have many reasons, not only temperature.