Thursday, November 10, 2011

violet heads

Eleven months old Fred's Redhead lesliei present their first 'true' leaves. They are a little dusty but you can see  how unusual the color is: more violet than red and very dark. Looking forward to see them all grown-up one day.


  1. Maybe people who grow lithops are very patient people, very caring, sensitive and understanding. Hahaha. I really can't relate very much to them, as they don't seem to change for a very long time. I think this violet is prettier than the green. How long does a flower last before wilting?

  2. @Vovka43r
    Thanks! I really hope the seedlings make it to adulthood

    :) I don't know if it's patience that helps. I just find the plants interesting and pretty and like to see them grow. And if you take care of them every day (or make photos) you do see how they change ;)
    About the flower, it's generally about a week but depends on the weather. If it's gloomy the flower doesn't open every day and lasts longer (on the other hand it might not open at all)

  3. Hey Rika.

    Mine are really red.

  4. Hi Jimmy
    I wonder if the color of mine will stay this way :)i like this dark color a lot

  5. We all know how various can be the colors of our lovely plants. I hope you will keep this color too, purple is more beautiful than red :p

    I'll try to cross a white one with a red one to get a pink cross haha !

  6. Good luck Jimmy :D
    I own a crossing between Fred's Redhead and C006A but it hasn't bloomed yet to see if it really happens to have white flowers. I'm very curious about this one :)

  7. Maybe I'll can try this in 10 years haha. I still need flowers and a white clone... well... I'll keep in touch with you :p

    (I still have to seed what I bought you, waiting for next spring)

  8. PLS let me know soon.

  9. have you got any for sale now? or other lithops. pls let me know. my email address is

    1. I don't have any lithops for sale at the moment, sorry... I have a lot of bromfieldii seedlings, but they are yet too small :)