Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kakteen Haage

Sorry for not writing for so long. I'm still around, as well as the plants. They haven't been watered since some time preparing for winter and are wrinkly and weird now, even though some are still pushing flowers.
Meanwhile I've visited the oldest cactus nursery in Europe - "Kakteen Haage" in Erfurt which made me wish I had more room in my appartment and less room in my wallet. I've only bought four lithops there and will show them later along with other new tenants.
There are several greenhouses in the nursery with lots and lots of cacti. My knowledge of those is quite limited so please check out the pictures. 
Click "read more" to see all of them:

The entrance doesn't look like much but the greenhouses are huge.

The succulent section.

The lithops table.

Some amazingly big and expensive caudex plants.

How old might this dioscorea be?

The cacti greenhouses.

Didn't know what to make photos of so here are some cute tiny plants (mostly Ariocarpus) which I find pretty pricy for the size. They must be something special, I thought.


  1. You make me envious. Tomorrow I'll be figuring out a way to even move around in the greenhouse as I replace the blower which creates the insulation between the two layers of plastic. Oh to have space like they have! It would be a great place to visit. I noticed that you were drawn to the more rare of the cacti in you photographs. Very understandable for a Lithops lover. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tolle Bilder! Beim Haage hab ich bisher nur bestellt, aber irgendwie sieht es aus, als müsste ich da mal vorbei schauen! : D

  3. OMG, those greenhouses are huge! And those are lots of lithops! I wonder how many are their caretakers. Do they cater only to local markets?

  4. Thanks for you comment Luther! :) at the moment i'd be happy to have just another windowsil. a greenhouse is something from a fantasy land. At Kakteen Haage they have 6 (!) of these huge greenhouses and a bonsai house with a pond, absolutely amazing.

  5. Danke Shura :)
    Bestellt habe ich früher auch (hauptsächlich die praktischen Vierkanttöpfchen), nur das Porto ist bei ihnen übertrieben teuer, find ich, daher der "Hausbesuch". Vorbeischauen lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, besonders wenn man sich mit Kakteen auskennt.

  6. Hello Andrea! thanks
    There weren't as many Lithops as I'd hoped :) But they are grown very nicely and look healthy. You can order plants, seeds and tools from their website ;) --> http://www.kakteen-haage.com/

  7. link to the english version: http://www.kakteen-haage.de/shop/oxid.php/sid/32ac93a038db84d7b4e41034c674c948/cl/start/tpl/-/lang/1