Friday, November 18, 2011

new tenants

Well, relatively new tenants. Several weeks ago I bought some plants from Kakteen-Haage and Atomic Plant Nursery but didn't have a chance to take pictures.
Since I didn't have any schwantesii in my collection it was about time to get a couple of those. Unfortunately because of the bad light and their winterly-wrinkly condition it is hard to see the pattern but they are really quite interesting.
C249 schwantesii v. marthae (from KH) have a red core and a light green crown around the lobes. I got them with flower buds and pollinated them once the flowers opened.

C248 schwantesii v. urikosensis (syn. kunjasensis) (from AP) have very distinguished karasmontana-ish dark lines.
Two two-headed C55 olivacea (from AT). Didn't have those before either - such unusual windows.
C53 hookeri v. marginata (from AT). I've had some losses among my own hookeri and obviously needed more :) Fun fact: the famous 'Shimada's Apricot' cultivar originates from C53.
C224 karasmontana v. aiaisensis (from KH) also had flower buds which have meanwhile turned into nice seed capsules.

PS: I've found more helmutii with growing flower buds recently. This is really great but I'm afraid it is a bit to late and they won't open. The plants themselves are already very wrinkly.


  1. You bought nice things ! The C249 is really beautiful.

    I'm a bit sad, I only have one flower this year, that is still growing... I hope it will open soon.

  2. thanks :) i'm glad i bought them~

    i place my plants with flower buds under a lamp now. it seems to work ;) hope your flower will open, too!

  3. My flower seems to die, the petals opened a bit tuesday with the sun but now I think it is the end :'(

    I'll try a lamp too... maybe more luck next year haha.


  4. Jimmy, a 'dying' flower can be pretty, too ;)
    I'm sure next year there will be much more going with your plants!

  5. I really want to see one completely opened :/

    But thank you :)

  6. Hey, guess who got an opened flower !

    I put it under a lamp and now, with the sun it completly opense ! My first opened flower in ~4 yrs growing lithops haha :P

    Cheers ;)

  7. Congratulations Jimmy!! glad to hear it~