Sunday, May 15, 2011

top red 2

Last year in Japan I bought two karasmontana 'Top Red' plants. Back then I was wondering why they differ so much in their looks but now I think the reason lies in the different sources I bought them from. After a year of growing in the same conditions and receiving the same care they look pretty much the same to me.


  1. Hello Rika!

    these lithops are awesome :)

  2. That's really interesting. Do you have an idea of what is different about the light sources that cause the changes in appearance?

  3. yes this is interesting indeed! :)
    based on my observations (nothing scientific at all of course), the more direct sunlight there is the more yellow and red colors appear. I will make a post with pics about it soon. A couple of my recently bought "sulphureas" were standing in the intense sun for a half a day for the last month and are still green, while those which got sunlight during the whole day are pretty much yellow.
    i can't tell much about different light sources. i only use the sun :)