Sunday, May 1, 2011


Can you believe it? Another great find in the local garden center. In a very good condition, too ;)


  1. I have pair of 'Aureas' from local garden center too (it is in 4500km from your garden center), I have them for 5 years now... :)

    Perhaps, 'aureas' are more robust then avarage lithops.

  2. Phyllobolus, great to see you :)

    usually, in stores around here, you only see aucampiae and lesliei. but recently there are salicola and localis mixes, too. or, in this case, some 'greenies'. last time i got br. 'sulphurea'. from time to time there are surprises like this))

  3. Wow, I envy your garden centers! Only one garden center in my city gets lithops - a single tray of them, once a year.

    Your 'aureas' are beautiful!

  4. it's rare here, too Heather :) sometimes you get lucky