Wednesday, December 1, 2010

top red

I am amazed to see how far along the lesliei are at changing their leaves. Almost all of them are at it, and even though they still have lots of old "meet" they are working through it quickly. There are some other taxa which are clearly busy growing the new leaves at the moment - poor wrinkly things :) - but there are as well a lot of plants showing no change whatsoever (not that they have to - it's still very early for that).
Like these karasmontana 'top red'. I've bought both in Japan but from different sources (the blueish one is from the Succulent Expo).


  1. Hey there! I'm new at growing Lithops but I completely adore mine. I'm so glad I found this blog to read- lots of great pictures.

    I want to try growing from seeds because they are easier to get- in the US most of the plants have to ship from California to get to me. I was reading the post about starting them in pumice and it took some fear out of the process!

    So far none of mine have died, but some are beginning to get very wrinkly while showing no signs of getting new leaves in them...time will tell.

  2. hi! nice to meet you Corey :) and thank you very much!

    growing these plants from seeds is really fun! but even though i like it how they sprout in pumice and will definitely use it for the next bunch i have to say this is the wrong time of the year after all. i'd recommend to wait and start in the spring. ;) lately i find one or two seedlings dead every morning, probably because it is too cold without the heater and too warm with it. not to mention that they get too little light.

    ah i wouldn't worry :) being wrinkly is their normal look this time of the year. i'd worry if it wasn't so, you know