Wednesday, June 16, 2010

one troubled villetii

Well, all of the lithops I purchased in Japan have safely arrived in Germany. What a relief! Now I only hope they'll like the new growing conditions so that I'll see them again in a couple of months.
(I certainly don't exclude the possibility of posting new pictures in case I buy new plants here, haha)
This is the same plant I've been ranting about in this post. I've cut out those two sets of old lobes it had to prevent it from growing misshapen. It worked just fine, the remains have dried out like they should. Unfortunately it wasn't its only problem: while preparing it for transport I've discovered that the roots were full of mealybugs. With all the washing and cutting I'm not sure it'll survive. I really should try seeds if I want a villetii. They are so pretty!

Lithops villetii ssp. deboeri (C231)


  1. Hi Rika,

    Your plant should be OK. We often ship Echeverias to both Japan and South Korea and also ship Lithops to a customer in South Korea and we have had to remove most of the roots to get them through customs They've survived quite well.

    Ah...what would life in the succulent world be without the "wonderful" presence of Mealy Bugs!!! ;)

  2. Hello Luther,
    thank you for your comment! i'm hopeful now. :) every each of these plants are precious to me.

    haha, indeed! oh the mealy bugs! no matter how many precautions you take, they get to the plants sooner or later. :)