Saturday, April 10, 2010

What do they feed them?

Here comes one of the guys I recently bought. Not sure if it was such a good idea though.
I sort of wanted a villetii because I wasn't able to get my hands on those other than through seeds yet so I grabed it as soon as I saw it. Well, the fact that the old leaves are still completely firm isn't all. It appears that the new ones aren't actually new at all because there's another pair comming!
I guess by the time it's done downsizing I'll have a baby lithops I could have gotten during this time from seeds, haha.

Lithops villetii ssp. deboeri (C231)


  1. I really love the colouring and patterning. Is this what happens when they are overfed? It's crazy taht there's another pair coming. Hopefully it's alright.

  2. i love it too. :) if you go to the website (gallery) there are some truely amazing picture samples of villettii pattern: some look like the windows were painted in gold, or like those silk paintings.

    it looks to me like this plant got lots of food to dope it the whole year long. i've only seen this phenomenon in plants recently bought from a flower store: they need to get a big plant in short time. the lithops does look big when you buy it, but as soon as it get's "normal" treatment it changes several times in a row (no matter which time a year)getting smaller until it reaches it's normal size for it's age.
    this one has it's old-old-leaves just as firm as they are when they first come out - i really have no idea when (if ever) it's going to dry them out. there's no sign of shrinking whatsoever. which means there's a danger for them to rot, i guess. i surely hope this guy makes it though :) thanks