Thursday, July 1, 2010

filler post

Two months to go until the Big Lithops 2009-2010 Change Comparison!! I really am excited to see my plants - I'm sure they've changed a lot since the last time I saw them. :) There are going to be quite some before-after posts here when I'm back, haha.
Having nothing new to show yet I only can go for archive pictures or unrelated ones for now. Like this old photo of my first ever lithops flower. This lesliei belonged to the second bunch of plants I got in a store. I didn't know anything about lithops back then but was eager to lern. The reward was my first lithops flower ca. one year later, that inspired me a lot. Like it happens, from what I hear, I lost this plant to the mealy bugs this year, but I'll keep it in my heart as the first one to blossom on my watch.

On an unrelated note, I just couldn't keep this photo to myself. There are swallow's nests everywhere here in Nara. They are so near you can touch them (but you don't!). These cute babies will soon be ready to fly~
Please click to enlarge!

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