Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two pairs of boot soles

There's lithops news from home. :) Looks like the big guys previously featured here, here and here have all gone two-headed this year. I'm sure you can understand how anxious I am to finally see them 'in person'. It's a pretty exciting moment in a lithops life (and a proud moment in a lithops owner's life, haha).

I was going to show you my recent purchases but it's difficult to take good pictures in my current flat, not enough light, and I'd rather avoid flash that makes them look unnatural. So, for now, I'll post two older pictures of two aucampiae that look like two boot soles. These plants share their pot with this gesinae. Maybe it's superstitious but I'm convinced that lithops tend to grow faster and look healthier if planted in groups of at least two plants. (They also tend to rot if there are too many so there's surely a line there.) I'm very happy with how they've turned out. Love it when lithops are flat and near to the ground, which is another reason for me to love lesliei, for instance :)

Not sure about the other but this one should be koelemanii C016

PS: about the plants from the recent succulent fair, even though there was a wide assortment to choose from (you don't find that in a normal shop of course) the lithops plants themselves seem to be grown just like they grow them for normal sales: most of them are overfed and have troubles completing the annual change (bursting). That can't be good. I guess my new purchases will need some time to "find themselves", too.

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