Sunday, January 24, 2010

the hooves

These are the first plants I bought from a lithops nursery ca. 2 years ago. Haha, I think I got quite different cole numbers from what I ordered (should be C323 (l) and C161 (r), but I think they're C062 (l) and C171 (r)), but they are so pretty I couldn't possibly complain. They've gotten very big with time - my mom calls them 'the hooves' - but no sign of wanting to get two-headed yet, and I'm not sure I want them to.

Lithops julii ssp. fulleri v. fulleri (1024x587)


  1. These are some of my favorites. So the Cole numbers are wrong? It's not the first time - or probably the last, but regardless, the plants are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you! i love these two :)
    news from home are that the one on the right gets two heads now after all
    i'm a bit worried though. my parents decided to move so my plants will have an environment change in a couple of weeks (not to mention the transport itself). from what i hear there are quite some among the smaller ones, which didn't survive the winter. it makes me hope to get at least the half of my plants back when i'm back in august.
    still, i'm now more enthusiastic than ever, thinking of ordering seeds, haha

  3. I like your blog, how many species of lithops have you? i like lithops.

  4. Hello! i like your blog, too :)
    i don't have that many lithops, maybe 150, with the most of them being less than 2 years old. at the moment owning a greenhouse is just a dream..