Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Other news (8 pics)

So what else was going on on my windowsill in August?

Well, the most amazing and surprising thing was the awakening of Monilaria scutata seedlings! I couldn't believe they are alive after all this time. None of my other attempts to grow Monilaria went on this far. These must be some tough seedlings. First the "beads", then the "bunny ears". All by the book. Very exciting!

Then, I have transplanted Anacampseros karasmontana, the fluffy greenie. It has developed really fat roots and I wanted to give it more space.

It has flowered and developed seeds, too. Out of last year's seeds I already got a bunch of seedlings.

The older Anacampseros seedlings are looking more like adults every day. This Anacampseros arachnoides is very attractive when kept dry.

The white fluffy Anacampseros baeseckei are growing into towers. I do believe somewhere between fuzzball and the below is their best look. I have older and longer An. baeseckei and they started to look kinda strange. I might need to re-root them.

Anacampseros namaquensis are really hairy and really flat. Love them!

Avonia papyracea ssp papyracea, hatched in November last year, are still so small. Strong though. I have a good feeling about them.

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