Sunday, June 11, 2017

More current flowers (4 pics)

More flowers have opened this weekend. After a long working week what can be better? :) Plants are great! And here's another chance for this grower to take some sorta-artistic photos of Anacampseros flowers.

Another flower opened on the An. lancifolia. I don't think the pollination took with the previous one though. I tried to fit the whole plant into one picture somehow.

An. arachnoides has also opened a flower. It's small but cute and of a pale variety.

This Anacampseros sp. is probably An. filamentosa. It flowers in messy flower bunches of bright pink color.

A very special extra is this Parodia aureispina (so I'm told). It is the only cactus I own and I've had it since I was in elementary school. I'm 32 so it is in my care for around 25 years. And since it has not changed in size since then who knows how old it might be? It just piles up layers and sometimes, not every year, it flowers to remind me of our long history together.

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