Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lithops experiment part 7

Hi guys! I heard you are wondering about what happened to the L. pseudotruncatella from the "Lithops experiment". Let me show you in this last installment of the series.

It has been exactly 2 years and 2 leaf changes and yet it is no use. From the three severely overfed and stretched plants I started with only one survived and it looks terrible. Despite all my efforts like keeping it dry for many months, cutting off old leaves, giving it as much light as possible, I ended up with an ugly plant that doesn't look like it'll make it much longer. I believe there is no chance it will ever be flat and short. I will keep it until it dies of course but I don't expect any improvement.

And so, to draw a conclusion, if you ever come across a lithops bunch like this, just leave it in the store. They will die within their first year at your place and if they survive longer they will never return to any kind of healthy look. It might feel like you are rescuing the plants but actually they are already gone. A better investment of your time and effort is to grow them from seed and keep them in good shape from the very start. In the same 2 years you will have cute little plants of nice shape, color and pattern.

PS: The white marks are from mites... This plant really has no luck.
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