Sunday, July 31, 2016

Neglected mesemb seedlings 2016 (15 pics)

I had lots and lots of old and barely viable lithops and other mesemb seeds that I've been trying to "use up" since last fall so that I could buy more. Stone-hard logic here. So I've been sowing and when it was clear nothing would germinate or the seedlings were too weak I've been sowing on top of them, barely keeping records. At the end some of them made it and have developed up to a certain stage when they could be caught on camera. So here are some mesemb seedlings I am currently growing. I'll make a separate post on lithops seedlings of which I have much less.

These guys have been neglected, starved, then overwatered, insect-ridden and simply forgotten but they are going strong nevertheless! Sometimes I think the less you care for them the better they feel. Occasional splash of water is all it takes.

Meyerophytum meyeri MG1778.65 (April 2016)
Wanna know how I know it's not a Monilaria? Because they're still alive (ba-dumm-tssching).

Cheiridopsis verrucosa MG1404.32 (February 2016)
Holding on to each other for comfort.

Cheiridopsis pillansii MG1401.5 (February 2016)
I already have several two-year-olds of this kind. But I had some seeds left and Cheiridopsis love it here.

Mitrophyllum grande MG1779.56 SB1960 (February 2016)
Not very grande yet but getting there.

Antegibbaeum fissoides MG1319.3 SB609 (February 2016)
According to the label. Doesn't look like it very much. Cute though.

Juttadinteria deserticola MG1530.2 H4537 (October 2015)
Bloated but happy.

Rhinephyllum muirii MG1843.1 DT4938 (October 2015)
Tried these before but unsuccessfully.

Monilaria obconica MG1780.573 (February 2016)
Still alive! Probably not for too long...

Monilaria scutata MG1780.73 (April 2016)
Green mess, could die any moment.

Stomatium alboroseum 'rubrum' MG1869.3 SB1216 (February 2016)
Aaah the lovely see-through dots

Astridia longifolia MG1349 SB758 (March 2016)
Nice, almost adult-looking seedlings.

Astridia hallii MG1347.6 (March 2016)
Only one left and it has longer leaves than the "longifolia" above. Hallii should have white flowers, while longifolia red.

Titanopsis calcarea MG1870.152 (February 2016)
Virtually indestructible when young.

Titanopsis calcarea MG1870.2 SB1111 (February 2016)
Love the texture

And last but not least
Conophytum pillansii (April 2016)
They look like fish eggs! This is the first time I'm growing Conos from seed. Gonna try sowing more soon. Exciting!


  1. thanks for this blog! its amazing.
    I'm starting to grow lithops now

    1. Thanks you very much for visiting!! :D
      Good luck with your plants. You'll love it. Lithops are fun.

  2. I always rave about the texture on Titanopsis ....even the buds.