Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fenestraria seedlings

I have never expected these Fenestraria seedlings to survive this long but they did. Since they first hatched one year ago I was basically waiting for them to die. They might not look good or have a good shape or color but they are still alive and growing. Every new set of leaves I see I'm like "Wow, no way, you're still trying? Good job! Have a drop of water!" I'm watering them very little as I've lost adult plants to rot every time within days. 

Apropos survivors, I've had a pot with Monilaria seedling I believed dead but it turns out one of them was just sleeping and is now turning green. I'm not giving up on the idea of growing Monilaria yet.


  1. Excellent work, Rika, I do not know anyone else who has grown Babytoes from seed. May they grow and bloom for many years!