Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ebracteola wilmaniae flowering

After several failed attempts last year my Ebracteola wilmaniae has finally opened a flower. On the first try, too! It's getting hot and sunny on the windowsill and this early summer will continue for a while. I hope no plants will burn but rather enjoy the sunlight.


  1. Hi Rika!
    Great plant with a Beautiful flower. How would you describe the color? Maybe lilac. My books say pink, but in your photo it doesn't look pink. Very nice. E. wilmaniae was named for Maria Wilman (1867-1957) a South African geologist and botanist who first collected it. She was also the second women from South Africa to attend Cambridge University in England.

    The leaves of Ebracteola wilmaniae look a little like those of Rabiea, only more wide spreading. I will use your photo as wallpaper on my computer so I can enjoy it all day. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  2. Nice colour flower. I think there is a colour chart for flowers but they change anyway.