Sunday, August 3, 2014

Avonia & Crassula flowers and random seed capsules (3 pics)

I know I'm astonished myself at the amount of flower pics I'm posting this year. I guess it's the fact that we've been having a proper hot and sunny summer this year. The plants love it!

Now the pink flowering Avonia quinaria ssp. quinaria has opened its flower as well and I haven't missed it :) I'm getting heavily into Anacampseros/Avonia species lately, even ordered a book on them. My brain is preparing for the move into a new appartment with a balcony I haven't found yet XD

Crassula ausensis ssp. titanopsis has been already blooming for a while now with the flowers opening gradually (and the smell getting more noticeable unfortunatelly haha). The bouquets are lovely though and I'm really glad the plant is feeling well and happy. Last time it was blooming in March so it looks like it's doing it twice a year.

Today I also was productive harvesting the seeds from a couple of seed pods. I've cross-pollinated Aloinopsis rosulata and Aloinopsis rubrolineata (just because they were flowering at the same time, not because I was attempting some hybrid or anything XD) and Aloinopsis rosulata actually grew a big fat seed capsule with ar least 500 seeds inside. Email me if you're interesed in some seeds of this kind of a cross.
Also, my intentional attempt to get a hybrid between Stomatium alboroseum and Neohenricia sibbetii bore fruit of 33 seeds. I've already sown some of them today and hope to see them germinate soon. Exciting!

Here's a size difference between the two.


  1. Oh Mann, ist die Avonia schööön!
    Das gilt nicht, meine Wunschliste ist 'eigentlich' geschlossen.

    Gemein! ;D

  2. Avonia quinaria ssp quinaria und Avonia quinaria ssp alstonii sind ein Muss! ;) Sie haben wirklich sehr schöne Blümchen ♡

    Die Wunschliste ist nie geschlossen....

  3. Do you find the Avonias flower when it is humid? I also find the Crassula will flower more than once a year.

    1. Hm, I don't think so, I didn't notice any increase in humidity lately. It was hot and sunny with summer rain storms in between. The pink Avonia only has 2 flowers this year though. :)

  4. The weather conditions you describe are what I had in mind.