Saturday, June 2, 2012

Haworthia limifolia

This is one strange looking, strange growing, car tire resembling plant. :) It's been flowering for a while now but it's not that easy to take a picture. I had to climb on a chair for this. The flower stalk is 50 cm tall!


  1. Hi,
    My Haworthia limifolia look very dark green. Yours the green is brighter. Is this normal. It does not look growing new leaves. It does not look like it have a problem. The over dark color worry me.....

    1. Darker color on succulents is actually always a better color ;) Mine just doesn't get enough light probably. In general, a lot of sunlight and little water results in darker color while less light and more water in lighter.
      Does your plant have thin leaves? Do the leaves dry? (Picture would help here). Do you water regularely but the leaves don't get thicker and the color doesn't change? Then you have to pull it from the pot and check the roots first. If you do let me know what you see (pictures best).

      If the plant looks healthy and you are only worried about the color, don't be :)

    2. Hi Rika
      I have up load the image, please take alook.
      Just setup the blog easier to up load images.

  2. Hi, Rika
    I will try loading the image. I used led as lighting, the leaves look ok stiff and strong, but slight brown at the bottom of the leaves. Just like your baby haworthia image. I do water them properly once a week. Space is a premium in singapore. I will up load image and update you.
    Ps. Love your plants.

    1. Thank you! :D

      If the leaves are stiff and strong, not rotting or drying off, it should be fine. In many cases, color depends on the conditions. Different conditions, different color. But it's not a bad thing.
      Watering once a week might be too much though (Is it humid in Singapore?). I water mine when I see that the leaves are getting darker or pull themselves together (H. limifolia is maybe not a good example as it's more stiff than, say, H. attenuata). Probably once every 2-3 weeks under low humidity. I water all my plants depending on their looks, not following a schedule so it's hard to say...

      A picture might help me see why exactly you are worried :)

      In any case, if you have doubts about whether your plant is doing fine or not, pull it out of the pot and examine the roots.

    2. I think I know what is wrong with your plant! I'll make a new post abou it tonight ;)