Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kakteen Haage 2

A couple of days ago I've been to the Kakteen-Haage nursery in Erfurt again. Less photos, more purchases this time. :)
As you can see on the photo below, the lithops section was full. It had all different kinds of them to choose from. I was intrigued by so many but had to restrain myself (lithops are an expensive hobby!). Saw a lot of cultivars, aucampiae 'Betty's Beryl'/'Storm's Snowcap', lesliei 'albiflora'/'albinica', bromfieldii 'Sulphurea', terricolor 'Aurea' etc. etc. as well as rarely available herrei, francisci, geyeri, werneri, verruculosa and comptonii. I was very surprised to find julii 'Kikushōgyoku' I've been looking for everywhere (photos later). If you're somewhere near I'd really recommend to stop by there now because they've clearly updated their assortment recently i.e. put younger plants out for sale.
Anyway, I haven't taken any lithops pictures (they were too many) but there are pictures of conophytum under the cut. Click "read more" ;) (also see more photos from Kakteen-Haage)

Here some very pricey melocacti!


  1. Hey, what did you exactly buy over there ?

    Were there any other cv than those from the Cole numbers ?

  2. Wow, that's a lot of lithops, amazingly plenty!

  3. @Jimmy: I'll make a post about it as soon as I can take pictures ;)
    bought 4 positions, 2 to 3 plants each
    well, the already mentioned kikushōgyokus are without a cole-number. i don't recall others but i've also overlooked many kinds because i already have enough seeds of those (cole-numbers and cultivars). maybe there were more.

    @Andrea: yes, and such a temptation ;)

  4. Jimmy, you can see what they have on their website:

  5. Such a big place and full of Lithops!!! WOW! Here in Israel if i'll find one lithops in the biggest nursery it will be a miracle!!!

  6. @Vovka43r: same thing here. it's not common to see lithops in regular nurseries but this one is specialized on cacti and succulents that's why they have a lot :)

  7. Thank you !

    Do you know what is 'Kikushogiyuku' ? I don't find any information about this cv.

  8. you're welcome Jimmy :)

    kikushōgyoku or kikushougyoku is a japanese cultivar of julii v. fulleri. you can google it as "kikushogiyoku" (wrong spelling but popular in the western nurseries) or "菊章玉"
    it looks like this:
    here's a photo from Yasuhiko Shimadas greenhouse:

  9. Hey, thank you again :) Very usefull blog !

    I googled it but with a spelling unrecognized, now it works and this lithops looks really beautiful.

    Hope we'll soon see what you bought over there,