Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates but as you all know not much happens this time of the year. It takes the plants so long to work through the old leaves, it is as if they'll never finish. Still, at the moment I've counted fourteen lithops, mostly lesliei, getting two-headed this year, the October-seedlings are doing well, especially the lesliei v. mariae, and a couple of seed capsules have already dried out and react to water (seeds inside!). Also, today I've sown lesliei 'Fred's Redhead' and steineckeana. I guess, this is all I can report at the moment. Can't wait to see my plants renewed and pretty again. :)

These fulviceps look the same but it's C221 on the left and C170 on the right.


  1. Thank you Aaerelon and Luther! :) Thank you for visiting! I hope to update more soon