Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C170 vs. Z2000

Well, I got myself a new CASIO Exilim (EX-Z2000) after all. I'm really bad with any kind of change (the Japanese would say it is because of my blood type, haha). So far I'm satisfied, but there's yet some major testing to come.
This is my first test of the supermacro function. A pretty lithops fulviceps C170 had to pose for it. Looks like I'll need a tripod and some practice on the focusing, but considering that in this light I couldn't get any usable picture with my old camera, the abilities of this one look promising :)


  1. Nice shot, congratulations for your new camera.

  2. So nice pictures. I am also loving cactus n I have a ciollection of different cactus also. But is this lithops will survive in India?

  3. thank you Khenai!
    well, i couldn't stay in japan for another 3 months without a camera, could I :)

    nice to meet you animkundu! :)
    it' great to see a cactus fan from India. since you have a cactus collection I'm sure lithops also will grow fine! try it! lithops are fascinating plants :)