Friday, November 19, 2010

something's happening underneath 2

During the last two or three weeks I don't remember seeing any sunlight. Even the pictures all turn out grey and cold. But maybe it isn't a bad thing, because that's how it is this time of the year, it's almost winter after all.
The plants are keeping busy though!

This is my first ever flowering lithops. It's very dear to me.

All three of the ventergreens are already changing their clothes. And this one has actually developed a nice seed capsule, even though it was away from all other flowering plants and didn't have a partner. I'm very curious if it will have seeds inside. Also, there are probably two heads growing underneath.

Hm, I don't remember showing you this plant before. I got it together with the lesliei from todays pic 1. To make up for it, to the right is a picture from summer 2009. Not that it changed much :)

PS: You might have noticed that I've added lava (or clay) granulate into the substrate. It is just in the upper layer and doesn't have any purpose. I simply think it looks good, more natural, which is of course just my subjective opinion. :)


  1. Very nice pictures. They seem to be happy, gray skies and all!

  2. thank you, i'm glad to hear it! looks like the plants are making the best of the situation :)