Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The gracilidelineata seedlings should be around 21 months now. I don't know how often they changed their skin during the time I wasn't around but they've decided to do so now and the newest leaf-pairs almost have the features the adult plants would have. While the most of them are still small and their markings blurry (see the plant on the right on the group photo), four seedlings are larger and more adult-like. The one on the first pic just has the most beautiful face!

Back then I've sown C189, C261, C309 and C373 but they got mixed up so that I don't know which is which. It'll probably take a while before I can tell. But, don't the kids on pic 1 and 2 look like siblings? :)

PS: I finally have internet connection at home!


  1. Hi Rika :)

    Your gracilidelineata are great!!

  2. Hi Bololoch! Thank you :)
    I'm just glad they finally start to look like gracili. After all they are almost two years old!