Thursday, November 11, 2010

new homes for lesliei 2

Here is the rest of them: C342, C028, C364 and C029. I only have one hornii C364 left so it shares its container with C029 for now. C028 is a bit wrinkly but firm so I'm not worried. C342 has developed a cute girly color, haha.


  1. awww but ain't they adorable? :) cute colours indeed :P Could you please tell me what are the dimensions of the pots you used? I will soon have to repot mine and wonder what size I should pick :)

  2. hi! thanks :)
    these are 5x5 cm containers. it sounds small but it's actually quite roomy: as you see, two one-headed plants fit nicely :)
    you should also try to look for deep pots (which might be difficult): these are around 8cm high, i think.