Sunday, November 7, 2010

little suns on rainy days

These helmutii are a constant source of joy. They sure deserve another post. The yellow-edged ones have been flowering for weeks now, and the last remaining flower is still at it. My guess is, if they weren't pollinated the plants would flower even longer. And you must admit, the flowers themselves are really beautiful, large and deap yellow with a lovely contrast to the white flower center and to the plant color itself.

Also, I need to record the fact that helmutii really don't seem to like much sun. The flower buds, for instance, only wanted to grow on rainy days and just stopped and waited when it was sunny. I have another (greener) helmutii that had big troubles standing in the sun: all soft and wrinkly and no water would help. Now it is in a corner where mostly only the morning sun can reach (not that we get much of it now in November) and within two weeks the plant looks as healthy and firm as it should. This is something I'll need to keep in mind.