Sunday, October 17, 2010

getting ready for winter

It's cold and dark outside. Sunlight has become a rarity and the plants have had their last watering. They will move to my place in several days which is a 3hour drive from here, so that they'll need to be carefully packed and put in boxes. I'm a bit nervous, not only about the move but also because of the start of the new semester. I wonder if it's going to be different now, one year later. Probably not. Also, I do look forward to all the classes I chose.
I think you can see from the pictures how gloomy it is now. The salicolas that have been flowering so beautifully last month are bearing fruits (they are, aren't they? :) ). One of them decided to push another flower recently but it looks now like it has changed its mind after all. I felt bad about it being so late anyway because it has obviously missed all the action.


  1. Where do you go to school? I'm sure you'll do great. Your plants are looking great. Right now our weather here in Oregon is bright and sunny, but it's getting cold at night and we know the gray days are soon to come!

  2. Thanks :)
    Aah you're lucky still having sunny days in October! It's freezing and rainy where I am now (middle germany), going under zero at night..
    I study at the University of Trier which is near the border to Luxembourg. Normally it is warmer there with vineyards giving the feeling of being in the south but even there it is not more than 9°C during the day now.