Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what are you? 2

Remember this post? I was writing about a small (but ca. 3 year old) lithops plant I couldn't identify because it kept changing its pattern with every new pair if leaves. Here's what it looks like this year. Being a hardware store plant it can't be anything fancy: schwantesii, hallii, karasmontana and hookeri seem like possible candidates. A flower might help but no sign of it yet. If you click on the picture (it's XXL) you should see white dots along the fissure. Any guesses? :)


  1. yeah, me neither. maybe next year? :)

  2. I'm still all for schwantesii. It only seems to switch the subspecies every year...
    But maybe it is a metamorph-Lithops and next year it'll look like an olivacea! ;-) You never know...

    Keep us updated on this peculiar Lithops!

  3. yes Petra i thought so too, and it's most likely, but these newly developed rows of 'islands' look just a little bit like hallii/hookeri. i don't have any schwantesii to check, you know. can schwantesii have those white dots along the fissure? i wonder if the dots are significant for identification...

    hahaha or it's a were-lithops, turning into a bloodthirsty optica 'rubra' during full moon ;)

  4. Hi Rika :)

    I think it's a schwantesii. This is still very young, but the 'pokemon' could evolve into Lithops schwantesii ssp. schwantesii v. schwantesii ->

  5. Hello Bololoch! Nice to see you. :)

    Indeed! It looks really similar. You have way better eyes than me. :) The color is definitely the same, and I can see on mine that it too got brown lines around the islands this year.

    Thank you :)