Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm finally home! :) It was a long long flight that left me badly jet-lagged. Good thing it's still summer break and plenty of time to adjust... and to take lithops pictures of course!

Today's inspection ended in plenty of washing, transplanting and bug-spraying. But nevertheless there was almost no damage that can't be fixed, and all in all the plants look much better than I expected. And how they've grown! I was expecting them all to be cucumber-shaped but found mostly the opposite which was a huge relief. My mom took good (appropriate) care of them.

Since the most of the older plants have a mealy bug problem I've decided to repot all of them in the next days and finally switch to square pots while I'm at it. Pictures and reports will be posted asap. ;)

To start on a positive note, I'd like to show you my youngest gracilidelineata seedlings (around 16 months old). You can see last year's picture here. The half of them survived and have grown nicely (up to 1,4 cm in diameter). I'm so glad they've made it!

(click to enlarge)


  1. You're back! Welcome home!!!
    Nice to read from you again.

    Your gracilidelineata look really well!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your inspection ;-)

  2. THANK YOU Petra!! I missed our talks :)

    i think gracili (as well as pseudotruncatella)belong to the kind of lithops that get big really fast but reach adulthood later than others. they are as big as my 2,5 year old lesliei now, haha!

    thanks so much for your interest. :) next i'll be writing about the plants that apparently had troubles this year.

    how are your plants? you wrote that nothing happens but i don't believe it ;) flower bugs should come any day now!