Thursday, September 16, 2010

troubled julii

I decided to get rid of the damaged head of the julii plant from before. Having cut it off with a cutter I waited for a day and then potted the remaining head into dry pumice. I'm not going to water it for a long time now.
About the other two troubled kids, I've looked into them (literally) and the new leaves are already visible waaay down there. It'd be nice if they could take care of the problem themselves. Although it won't be pretty either way.


  1. Hi Rika, I was wondering if this L. julii plant survived after its damaged head was removed? I currently have a new Lithops plant that has one damaged/cut leaf. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but decided to repot it with the damaged leaf still intact. Do you know what will happen to this plant living with this injury? Thank you.

    1. No, it didn't survive after all. In fact it is very rare a lithops plant once in a bigger trouble (in one or another way) survives for long. :(

      If the leaf is cut and there's a scar now (not an open wound; no water if it's still open) it's ok to leave it, I think. But you have to watch out and remove the head as soon as you see it's rotting (it might also just dry out without affecting the other head). I've had 3 cases of successful result after one head withered. If the plant itself and the one undameged head is ok, it has good chances. If the cut isn't deep it will probably just regenerate normaly by next year :)

  2. Thank you Rika! Ohh no, it's sad to hear that your L. julii did not survive the surgery; it must have gone to Lithops heaven. :-) The cut on one of the leaves of my plant is deep (about 80% through the leaf), with some bruising on the side of the plant and base of the leaf. It is sad very sight. I did not let the wound dry or heal before I repotted it in a substrate of pumice and sifted potting mix. I do hope that she survives and rejuvenates. My fingers are crossed and I will pray for her. :-)