Wednesday, September 15, 2010

more flower buds

The pictures are of aucampiae 'White Flower' but I'll be writing about the salicolas. You know I've been trying to pollinate the 5 flowers. Well, I have NO idea - did it work? What indicates it?
I went by the book: cross-pollinating the flowers from the second day on past initial opening (the stigmas weren't visible to me at all so I didn't know what I was actually doing). Now, it says the flowers age very quickly after successful pollination, right? It is day 5: the petals on one of the flowers are dried out (a success, probably?) while other four are just closed. None of the flowers opened yesterday (day 4), probably because it was rainy all day. It is sunny today, and if the remaining four flowers decide to open I'll try it again. It says I'll be able to see some progress within a week. Okay then, we'll see. I'm not very optimistic though.
ps: aaah these aucampiae have such a beautiful color! :)

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