Saturday, September 4, 2010

first flower bud this year

I've noticed it yesterday - barely visible between the lobes. Today the sun was shining all day long and it grew really fast. If the weather stays this way the flower will open in no time! So exciting :)

L. dorotheae de Boer (from Y. Shimada)
PS: This marks my 60th post. :)


  1. First of all I hope you had a good trip home. It's good to have you back up on line. Happy 60th!

    Yes, we had one flower open yesterday and I noticed a couple of other buds coming. One of the highlights of Fall. We'll look forward to your new posts.


  2. Thank you so much Luther! :) Everything went according to plan during the trip, but it was exhausting - took over 26 hours..

    I'm so glad you're stopping by. Thank you! There should be more posts here from now on. *fingers crossed*

    And please take pictures of your lithops flowers if you can spare time. :) Looking forward to it~