Wednesday, June 9, 2010

salicola vs. light

I saw pictures of lithops salicola "Daikangyoku" (jp. 大観玉) on the web and in Mr. Shimada's "The Genus Lithops" and thought it was utterly beautiful with its dark net of lines on the lobes. A while ago in Tokyo I found this plant but it only vaguely looks like those pictures. I guess it's partly because of the bad light conditions and the resulting 'cucumber' shape, so I'm not giving up hope to see it in its whole beauty one day.

By the way, I noticed salicola tend to get misshaped more than other lithops plants I owned. Can it be that they need more light than others? Anyway I think I'll try to correct this one like it's described in this blog during it's next annual change. (It's the only place I could find a correction method illustrated, even though there are no pictures of the result there.) I will write here about my experience. :)


  1. Do you think this is 'daikangyoku'?

    1. I can not tell, sorry. I think those are supposed to have a dark and dense net of lines on top. My plant on the photo is a quite ugly specimen to show any particular features.

      I think daikangyoku is more like this

    2. Or better this