Monday, April 30, 2018

Adromischus marianiae: Part 2 (17 pics)

Over the last weeks I was trying to put together a small collection of Adromischus marianiae plants, to be specific the bumpy warty types. Even though I, of course, can not afford those cool looking hybrids and cultivars, I think I still could get a nice selection of colors and shapes. What I'd really want to do now is practice growing them from own seeds. Creating own hybrids would not be meaningful with the plants I have. Online research shows that the prettiest ex. herrei hybrids are done with a variety called Clanwilliam (probably referring to the habitat location), which are of course also not affordable even in its pure form. So unless someone is willing to send me a leaf of the said Clanwilliam (please?) I'll be trying to get non-hybrid seeds from my plants. Luckily, some are already growing flowers.

The last post featured green types of Adromischus marianiae so I'll start with the last greenie in the bunch. It's difficult to get the names even approximately right so please bare with me. The label says it is an Adromischus marianae "alveolatus" (Kinderle) (the Adromischus book offers a bunch of synonyms). The leaf texture is more delicate - tiny bumps instead if furrows and dents of the more common herrei varieties. To me, it's like a 'Little Spheroid' cultivar but in light green.

I've seen similar plants with elongated leaves under the same name. And I even got one more from a different source and the shape of its leaves is already different from the one above. Who knows what those names really mean.

And here is Adromischus marianae 'Little Spheroid' for comparison. Except for the color the leaves look similar to the plant on the first photo. This cultivar seems to be a bit touchy and easy to overwater.

I'm currently propagating a whole bunch of little spheroids from leaves as backup copies.

Here are some other Adromischus marianae "alveolatus", the brownish types. Very pretty and rather small. I like them a lot and hope not to kill them.

This one I got with the label Adromischus marianae v. herrei 'Aubergine'. I don't see much difference compared to the alveolatus above, do you?

We're moving further into the bumpier territory. These are Adromischus marianae v. herrei 'Red Licorice' and the new leaves do look like it.

I was surprised to see the roots on this one. They say, sometimes Adro leaf cuttings grow roots but never any new leaves. Seeing this specimen, it kinda feels like you just need to wait long enough. This leaf cutting has developed all this thick root, which might have taken it months and months of work, and only then, from out of the root, a new branch with new leaves has grown. Amazing.

Here is an Adromischus marianae v. herrei 'Coffee Bean'. I can totally see it.

Also very interesting and beautifully colored - Adromischus marianae "antidorcatum".

Adromischus marianae v. herrei 'Red Coral' is a red type of the herrei from my previous post. The sunnier it is the redder it gets.

Here is another one. Very nice texture but we need to work on the color.

And here is the red type plant I've had since several years. I am fascinated every time it changes color. This plant has been enjoying lots of sunlight over the last 4 weeks and just look how it has changed! Here are the before and after pictures of the same plant.

This is all for now on Adromischus. I'm still checking Ebay but not as enthusiastically as before :D


  1. Are you going to get a lepanthes calodictyon? If so, here's a link to a nursery in Germany
    It is 21 euros(about $25, which is cheaper than I got mine for), which is cheap for an orchid(some cost thousands).

  2. How is croissant doing? Also, I miss the almost daily updates from a year ago. Those were so much fun to read. Can you go back to those please?