Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring is on its way, they feel it (9 pics)

Finally, after months of darkness, we've had 2 weeks of sun (and temperatures below freezing). It is amazing how only 2 sunny weeks can transform lithops and give other plants a boost. After all the losses this year, seeing lithops actually not affected by the dark environment encourages me to focus more on them in the future. Other mesembs seem to be very touchy and even without water they stretch and die if there is not enough light. Lithops however, just proceed with their regeneration, no problem. They do fine as long as they're not being watered.

The old leaves are getting very soft first.

Then they get lines and wrinkles at the edges.

Then become thin and transparent.

Until they slip around the edges of the new leaves and disappear.

These look like the old leaves are deflating.

I was particularly relieved to see the below plant regenerate. It skipped a year meaning it has not regenerated last year at all. This year it just grows normally.

Bonus pic: Nothing says spring is coming like Sinningia leucotricha waking up :)


  1. Always nice to see you post. And thanks for posting! I set up a lithops blog but can never feel dedicated enough to post regularly....if at all.
    Seeing someone else's wrinkly lithops also puts my mind at ease, since I've been worried I withheld water too soon. Mine look similar to yours, so I think I am on the right path... Only time will tell :)

    I'm not sure what to make of lithops that skip a year. Makes me anxious too

    1. Thank yoi for visiting Christina!

      I love posting in the blog but there's just not much to report in winter. Now that the days are getting longer and the sun comes out more often i believe i will be posting more. In fact i thought of writing about the not-regenerating lithops next. It depends on whether i can take decent photos to back it up.

      In my experience and under my conditions the level of wrinkliness you see on the pictured is exactly right for this time of the year. Another week or two of sunny weather and the plants will be done. However even if they finish the leaf change it will not mean that I'll start watering. I have a few lithops that have regenerated already but I'm waiting for the spring weather to be stable enough. Around April it should be safe to water. If i start watering and then it rains for two weeks the plants will stretch. Better to make sure it's going to be sunny :)

  2. Great!How much is the temperature difference across the glass?