Saturday, July 22, 2017

New lithops 2017 - Part 2 (13 pics)

To continue with the report on the new lithops acquisitions, here are some other newcomers.

Within L. olivacea there are the green L. olivacea v. olivacea species and the pink-ish L. olivacea v. nebrownii. I have one greenie so it was time to get some pink plants as well.

Lithops olivacea v. nebrownii MG1671.9

Among the L. schwantesii I own there are many greens and blues and lilacs but until now none of the yellows. Check!

Lithops schwantesii MG1729.15

Unfortunately there was no second plant of L. naureeniae in Essen but having one is also fine. This is the first time I'm growing it.

C304 Lithops naureeniae MSG2491

L. coleorum are also new to me. I got this adult plant to later grow together with my two seedlings.

C396 Lithops coleorum MSG2890

Also there are finally some of the C4xx range on the windowsill. Not that I was specifically targeting those. All courtesy of a very generous friend.

C412 Lithops fulviceps v. laevigata. I have several milky L. fulviceps v. lactinea and green "Aurea" plants. There are finally some reds among them.

C417 Lithops karasmontana ssp. karasmontana v. immaculata. These are so nice and pale I barely recognize them as karasmontana. Very well-grown plants.

Ex C369A Lithops karasmontana ssp. eberlanzii "Purper" or "Purpur". No matter the name, the color is very unusual and I feel honored to get a chance to grow them.

Speaking of karasmontana, here is the Lithops karasmontana v. lericheana, otherwise known as The Croissant.

I also got two multi-headed plants. I have not had much luck with such plants before but decided to try again hoping I now have more experience. C010 Lithops lesliei ssp. lesliei v. lesliei is a very compact plant and shouldn't make any troubles.

The C042 Lithops bromfieldii v. insularis is of course bigger. But L. bromfieldii are usually happy and carefree so I'm not worried.


More flowers are coming!

One of the 2009 Lithops gracilidelineata seedlings is growing its very first flower. Wow, 8 years? Really?

And another of the C078 Lithops gesinae v. annae, too. I hope it is a good sign for the flowering later in the season.


  1. First, I want say your plants are beautiful. The picture of your Lithops karasmontana v. lericheana prompts me to ask if lithops ever develop fasciated or crested growth?

    1. Thank you Thomas! :)

      If you do a google search for "crested lithops" you will see such plants. It is quite rare and I'm not sure about their long term survival chances. More common are lithops that have 1 1/5 leaves or 3 leaves instead of the usual 2. But this anomaly normaly holds only for one year. Such plants usually regenerate into normal shapes. I have never seen a plant where two heads are fused into one this neatly though. Very curious to see whether they'll be normal next year.

  2. Always nice to buy new plants. They look good. Are you OK with 'Purper'?

    1. I have the fun of buying a bunch of new plants once a year ♡

      Is Purper the correct name? Then I'm ok with it :)

  3. Can Croissant keep its name after regenerating please?
    Cause its a special plant.

    1. If it gets acclimated fine and does not die on me, sure :D