Monday, May 22, 2017

Delosperma bonsai (2 pics)

Do you remember the two Delosperma plants I was training to be bonsais? 
I gathered the seeds on the side of the road in 2010 and grew these plants from those seeds back in 2012. There are a bunch of posts on that: little bunnies, new leaves, new branches, getting in shape, first time being beautiful, messy forest, a total mess after spending a year at my parents and the first haircut, bonsai phase 1 and phase 1.2. Last fall bugs were biting them badly and so I banished them on the balcony where they spent the whole winter. It killed the bugs and the shape on one of them has improved a lot. It looks now exactly like I imagined it to look like. Thick trunk and a full crown. Love it!

The other one however, which I considered more promising, does not look well. Branches all over the place. I need to cut some parts off for sure. Just need to figure out which... Something's not right there.

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