Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Repotting Adromischus (8 pics)

I know, I have just posted something on Adromischus recently but I'm kinda into them at the moment so here is another update.

I have decided to give the older leaf cuttings of Adromischus marianae v. herrei (green form) more "leg room" and check the roots while I'm at it. Look at that root system! They have as much going on underground as above it. And not only the root "beard" but also those fat water storing parts. What amazes me is that such an extensive root system develops from a leaf cutting. I'd rather expect it on a seedling.

This one has two branches but is still attached to the mother-leaf since 2014.

Now the greenies can all grow side by side. The one to the left is the mother plant. I grew the others from its leaves.

The most recent cutting is currently growing really fast. I swear it was just one tiny new leaf a week ago. Now I see three! And they are getting bigger every day. The other leaf cutting is still just sitting there but its time will come eventually (even though sometimes it doesn't).

Not all of them are as fast. This Adromischus marianae v. herrei CR1263 is rather small-ish. The roots are okay in proportion but I believe it needs more water to grow bigger.

I have now put it together with other little ones where it will be watered more often. Hopefully it will increase in size some more this year.


  1. so cute!
    and they grow very fast.
    you will see they increase their size soon~