Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adromischus propagation (4 pics)

I hear that the Adromischus price bubble continues to grow, going up to hundreds or even thousands for one plant. This is just too crazy because, as I said before, plants die. There is no way to buy a new plant of a small variety these days. Until the bubble bursts all we can do is propagate what we have.

Several years ago, before the prices exploded, I bought some Adromischus marianae plants. What I got was one f. herrei green form, one f. herrei red(-ish) form, one f. herrei CR1263 (with narriw red leaves) and a "Little Spheroid" cultivar. CR1263 and the Little Spheroid have died on me. But not before I could harvest leaf cuttings for propagation. Now I have a new red plantie and the below two spheroids are doing very well, too. It took them a long time but the new leaves are almost of the size of the cuttings making them into nice compact plants.

As for the next pic, the initial greenie has been growing and flowering and I have grown 2 more plants from its cuttings before. Last year I removed the older leaves and buried the mother-plant deeper to keep the compact round shape. The leaves were planted to re-grow. It took them at least two months to root and another three months for one of them to start growing the first leaf. That's actually quick. It might even take one year in other cases. But what a welcome sight it is!

Btw, I know it is always suggested to root cuttings in dry soil which is a very good advice to prevent rotting. This time however I made sure to keep the soil moist at all times. How rebellious! Very small pot and pumice reduce the danger of rotting though. That's why, I think, it all went quicker. The logic in my mind was basically "Hey guys, it's safe to grow, water is always available." Yes, I talk with my plants and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I'm also very happy to report that the "kinda" red Ad. marianae f. herrei plant I bought from a guy saying "I sold out all red plants but I have one with a bit of red, will you take it?" has developed a real red color this winter.

All in all, growing Adros is satisfying and bugs don't like them much. It takes them a long time to grow but on the plus side - so cute!


  1. so cute :)
    This is the first plant I've ever seen.

    1. Adromischus of a smaller kind are a bit rare these days unfortunately. I wished I had more but it's not possible...

    2. That`s too bad TT....
      I hope your wish will come true. Soon~

      p.s. plz call me Yas :) My ID