Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mites and darkness (9 pics)

It has not been the best year for succulent growers in my area. It has not been cold in winter, it has not been hot in summer. It has been just dark and gloomy all year. When sunny days are rare it means there is not much watering. If waterings are rare there's not much growing. Except for spider mites. Those grow nicely when it's dry. At some point I moved Delospermas outside (those are the most tasty) which improved the situation. But I still find mites on my plants occasionally (and kill them on site with my bare hands) and the damage is visible: nibbled leaves, weakened plants. I hope next year is sunnier and better all in all and the plants can recover.

My favorite and oh so perfect Frithias I was so proud of look like this now. It takes them so long to grow those leaves. Much time will pass until they've outgrown the bite marks. Assumed the attack is over. And yes, I've been spraying a lot which has contributed to the damage on some plants I think.

But Aloinopsis got the most of it. The below two are goners.

This one might recover (very big might) but judging by the size of the newest leaves it is extremely weakened by the overall conditions last year. Maybe I should stop growing Aloinopsis all together or just keep a couple of plants as mite-distraction.

The Antimima pumila started very well and then got bitten. I think it will recover though, after the next resting period. It's a bit elongated, too...

Same as these Titanopsis seedlings. Bugs plus spray plus sudden sunlight equals burn marks in addition to everything else. They should be fine with the new leaves coming. But it pains me to see them so ugly.

I know I might be exaggerating. After all it's just a couple of plants that are beyond saving, out of hundreds. But the lack of sunlight is visible to me in all the green-ness everywhere.

Sure, this cute Titanopsis calcarea is growing flowers (thank you planty!) and I did my best to keep it compact through this dark dark year but the green color says it all. 

PS: Sorry for the dusty pics.
PPS: This got too depressing. I'll be posting about my feel-good plants Anacampseros next :)


  1. I'm using a brush to get rid of it. I ignored it because it was too small, but it was a scary bug.

    It has been 45 days since I planted the seeds you sent me.
    Only An49 and Avonia seeds germinate and the rest is not yet. Will it come out next spring? I have to wait.

    Merry Christmas :)

    1. Hi J.,
      If I have sent you some lithops seeds I must have warned you that they are old. You can try again if you have some seeds left. Or you let the pot dry and water it again in the spring. Maybe something will germinate. I rarely have luck with old lithops seeds though.

  2. What kind of mites are you having problems with? I was noticing bites on the leaves of some of my plants and thought the culrprit was thrips. Upon closer examination it seems to be some kind of slow moving tiny white broad mite.

    1. Stupid bugs! :( Hipe you have more luck getting rid of them than me.
      Mine are tiny red dots with spider webs and quick damage...